WordPress Website Design

Whether you’re just getting started online or you’re looking for a site redesign, you’ll receive a beautiful mobile-friendly website that is fast, easy to navigate, and fully SEO optimized. We focus on creating custom WordPress websites that our clients can continue to manage afterwards or enlist our help by subscribing to one of our Web Maintenance plans.

It's true, when it comes to websites, people really do judge a book by it's cover. Stats show that 2 out of 3 people base their opinions on a site solely on aesthetics. We make sure that your site beautiful, unique, and captures the attention and curiosity of your customers.

With 51% of online shoppers using their phones to make purchases, optimizing your site for smartphones and tablets is a business necessity as digital shopping soars. Your customers will want to return to your site if it's easy to use and fun to navigate. An engaging and straightforward user experience means you'll rank higher on search results, ultimately sending even more traffic your way.

While site design and aesthetics are extremely important, it's (mainly) SEO that sends traffic to your site. 53% of website traffic comes from search engines, so the chances are high that the majority of your online customers will find you through an internet search. What's the point of having a pretty site if no one visits it? It's because of this that SEO is considered in every aspect of our design process.

Customers are more likely to leave a site if it takes too long to load.  We take extra steps to ensure that your site loads fast for both new and returning customers, is secure, compliant, and easy to navigate. We recommend specific hosting companies for this reason.

SEO Optimization

We perform a thorough scan of your business citations throughout the internet and update your listings, and keywords. We set you up with a successful SEO plan to drive traffic to your website and, if you have one, your physical location, leading to more sales.

Less than 1% of Google searchers don't go past the 1st page of search results, which means, you can get an edge on your competition if you know the exact keywords and terms that your potential customers are typing to find what they're looking for. Our initial analysis of your business allows us to determine these specific keywords.

Business citations are the various online directories a business or organization can list their contact information. For example, Google My Business, the Chamber of Commerce, and Yelp! are popular sites. Search engines "reward" your rankings when your listings are consistent and up to date. As a part of our SEO services, we scan the internet for the most important directories for your business, and clean up your listings. This is a vital and sometimes overlooked part of SEO success, which consequentially, can drastically improve your SEO rankings.

Google ranks your site based on it's mobile-version. Thus, your SEO rankings will be adversely affected if your site looks great on desktop but lags in design and functionality on iPhones and tablets. Our SEO Optimization services begin with a thorough scan of your site for potential coding and design issues that could be hindering your rankings.