Cash For Your Referrals

Make a Referral

Help Another Small Business Grow By Making a Referral. 

Referral Bonus Program

Give another business owner the edge over their competitors by making a referral to Carpenter & Siren. Referrals are the lifeline for many small businesses, and we want you to receive a bonus for every referral you make.

How Referral Bonuses Work:


Share Your Experience

Share your experience working with us and the results you've seen in your business with another business owner.


Make An Intro

Once you've shared your experience with your referral, make an intro by sending an email to both us and your referral with each of our contact information.


Get Your Cash Bonus

If your referral joins any of services, you will receive a 10% cash bonus of the total contract. Not for your business, but for you personally.

Question About Our Referral Bonus?

We appreciate your support and want you to be rewarded for steering another business owner in our direction. Have questions? Just leave us a message below.