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How To Use Google Business Posts To Promote Your Business

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How To Use Google Business Posts To Promote Your Business

Want to show up on Google? Shift some time and effort from posting on IG and FB and learn how to use Google Business posts to promote your business online.

Chances are, the #1 platform that you’re using to promote your business online is either Facebook or Instagram. And while these are incredibly useful platforms in connecting with your audience outside of your business, and with advertising your services, there’s another platform that most businesses are failing to use to its potential.

And, it just happens to be the #1 place to post online that actually helps your business show up higher on Google searches…

…and that is…your Google Business Profile.

If you’re serious about getting above your competition on Google Maps, you have to start posting on your Google Business Profile with as much fervor and consistency as you do FB or IG. 

Is it worth posting on Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile): YES. Your posts will show up in your business listing, along with your address, phone number, photos, and website whenever someone performs a local search. Your posts allow your customers and future customers to get to see what you’re all about.

It’s also worth it to post on your Google Business Profile because Google wants you to use Google products, and they will reward your business for doing so because you are staying consistent and relevant on their platforms. By posting, you are actually helping their algorithms determine what your content is about so that they can put it in front of the right people. 

So in essence, when you post about your business on your Google Profile, you are helping Google to help YOU.

You can sign up for a free Google Business Profile here and start the verification today.

Here’s some quick tips on how to use Google Business posts to promote your business:

  1. Be consistent posting. Start publishing at least once a week, even better if you can post up to 3 times a week.
  2. The more relevant and timelier, the better. Keep your customers up to date on any new offers, promos, or events you’re hosting.
  3. Avoid being too “sales-y”. Use these posts to “edutain” your customers (educate while being entertaining). These posts should be used to engage with your audience and to build a connection.
  4. Follow the 80/20 rule here: 80% informational, 20% promotional.
  5. Add original photos, and avoid stock photography if you can. Recommended image size is 1200x900px in JPG or PNG format.
  6. Be fun and don’t be afraid to highlight your business’s personality. Speak directly to your Ideal Client Avatar.
  7. Include local events and geographically significant markers inside your posts. If you’re hosting an event, don’t forget to mention the local street, a significant landmark, or another popular business if it relates. For example, “Join us this Saturday for our event, we’re located across the street from the Famous Ice Cream shop.”
  8. Include keywords for your services. It helps to know what your keywords are 😉
  9. Add a “Call To Action” to each post. That could be a link to your website, or the “Call Now” button.
  10. Post special “Offers”. If you have a weekday special, use the “Offer” option in your post and start posting your promos and specials.
  11. Introduce your staff! Use these Google Business posts to highlight your staff members. This is an effective way to show off your personality and get your staff involved in your online marketing.
  12. Show the storefront and the inside of your business, especially if you have new products, amenities, or have remodeled in any way.
  13. Scan your reviews to see what your customers are mentioning, and then use those exact keywords to create posts and content. If you notice that your customers leave reviews about how “clean” your business is, then make a post specifically about why this is important to your business. If customers are talking about how fast you were able to get them in, prioritize this as a piece of content as a Google Business post.
  14. Share content from your customers. If one of your customers wrote an IG or FB post about your business, use that content and republish it on your Google posts.
  15. Show off “behind-the-scenes” posts of your business. If you’re a local pizza place that gets their pepperoni from a local supplier, take a photo on delivery day receiving said pepperoni and use it as an opportunity to give props to another local business.

Final Thoughts

By using these tips and starting to post on your Google Business Profile as you would your other social media accounts, you’re going to be giving your Local SEO rankings a significant boost. Whilst there are numerous other factors that go into showing up in Google, this is a cost-effective and easy entry place to start, IMHO.

Google business posts are free, easy to use, and are directly connected to how your business shows up in local search results. For more useful tips on how to get more exposure from Google, download our free Google Guide, 9 Simple Steps To Getting More Exposure From Google.

Out for now!

How To Use Google Business Posts To Promote Your Business Infographic
How To Use Google Business Posts To Promote Your Business Infographic

Sirena Bernal

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