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Website Design

Whether you’re just getting started online or you’re looking for a site rehaul, we pride ourselves on creating clean, unique, and feel-good websites that your audience will love and will want to re-visit often. We build your site around aesthetics, functionality, and SEO-optimization.

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We perform a thorough scan of your business citations throughout the internet and update your listings, and keywords. We set you up with a successful SEO plan to drive traffic to your website and, if you have one, your physical location, leading to more sales.


VIP business coaching & consulting for dedicated and passionate small business owners. Full-service consulting with over 15 years of experience of business operation and management. Make more money and streamline your business, get in touch to find out more.

Digital Marketing Designed To Grow Your Bottom Line

Who We Are


Sirena Bernal

Digital Marketing consultant

Hello, passionate Entrepreneur!

I’m Sirena, and for the last 15 years I’ve helped make money for other people’s businesses. My journey started in my 20’s and continues today. Some highlights include:

  • Doubling the annual revenue of a $300k personal training department into over $650k in 1 year.
  • Helping coaches making $30k cross-over $60k in 11 months.
  • Consulting with restaurants that are seeing a 30% increase in weekly sales in less than 3 months.
  • Developing 1 new product line that added an additional $10-15k per month for a retail store.
At Carpenter and Siren, our clients receive the highest level of care and service. We work directly with our clients one on one and are committed to seeing your business thrive. When you partner with C&S, we treat your business as if it’s our own – with passion, determination, and good ole’ hard work. 
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Get a Website That Sells


Convert Your Site Into A Money-Making Machine.

You need a mobile-friendly site that does the selling for you.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or re-branding an existing site, we strategically design your site to be your best salesperson, working for you 24/7, while being compatible across all platforms – especially mobile.

What You Can Expect From Us:

Who We Work With

Brick & Mortar Retail Stores

If you’re running a brick and mortar shop in 2021, it’s necessary to have an online presence including a stunning website that makes a positive and professional first impression, as well as social media profiles. On top of that, we highly recommend that regardless of your store, you offer your products virtually. We can help you with all of the above

coaches & Entrepreneurs

Being creatives and entrepreneurs ourselves, we love working with other mavericks, trailblazers, and grounded dreamers who are helping their communities with their coaching and service-based offerings. We especially enjoy working with clients in the fitness, wellness, spiritual, and personal development industries.

Cannabis & Hemp brands

The cannabis and hemp industry is growing at an incredible rate, and while we are excited that this plant medicine is gaining public and political favor, we believe that the spirit of the plant should always be taken into consideration before developing a cannabis-based product. If you are taking a thoughtful approach with your hemp brand, we would love to hear from you.

Authors & Content creators

If  you’ve been creating content online for years and are ready to release your first book (whether it’s an e-book or physical book), we can help you organize your content, proof-read your drafts, and edit your manuscript before publishing. While we’re at it, we can even create a website to sell your book on your own, and list it through various book sellers like Amazon.

Our Work

Our Client's Results


Increase In Monthly Revenue


Increase In Unique Monthly Visitors


Increase in Weekly Sales


New Employees Added To Staff

UpGrade Your Business with a mobile-friendly site that lands on the 1st page of Google.

What Our Clients Are Saying...


I have been doing my own sites for over 20 years with raw HTML and I needed to get current with some of the new apps to make my life easier, but I was not sure how to do that. Sirena was my answer as she knew exactly how to take my old site and revise it using some of the newest apps and interfaces. These upgrades have saved me a ton of time and energy, which also made my business expand. Her knowledge of the latest SEO’s has also given everything a boost. We still have more projects in the works that I know will be fruitful. Sales have increased significantly since Sirena has come on board, and I’m confident that will continue to rise. Life just keeps getting better and better!

Laura Lee Mistycah


I own a thriving natural grocery store in Maine called Fresh Off The Farm. Between managing my staff and running the business, my days are non-stop, and our website became an after-thought. I knew our site needed a facelift and to represent what we are all about. We also wanted our information to be organized, our products highlighted on the homepage, and our contact information easy to find for our regulars and seasonal traffic. The redesign that Sirena did was AWESOME. She took our ideas and gave us exactly what we needed – a fun and vibrant site that we can update regularly with what’s in season. Now our customers can see what we have in stock, as well as place delivery orders directly from our site. Our customers are loving these new features, and it’s made our jobs in the store run smoother.

Mel, Owner

Chris Olsen of Fondi Pizza in Gig Harbor

I knew that Fondi Pizzeria was a cornerstone restaurant in Gig Harbor but no one could us find online. Our largest online traffic was through our Facebook page. I reached out to frustrated and knowing that I needed help. Help I did not know how to do myself.

Sirena came prepared with a multi-phased plan and many questions for what I envisioned. In working together, we completely updated our website. As well as our presence on the internet and how the public finds us.

Since Sirena and her team have started the SEO Program our views on Google have increased from less than 50,000 per month to more than 407,000 in just three months! Business trends are up 33% over prior year!

Chris olsen

Get More Visitors To Your Site

Our clients land on the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo! Below are a few examples of some of our client’s SEO optimization results.


Carpenter and Siren Consulting designed a new and clean website for A couple of our keywords were “ghost clearings spokane” and “ghost clearings”. Within a month, they were ranking on the first page for both keywords and in some instances, in the #1 search result, with some searches yielding over 8 million results for those keywords. Not bad!


1st page of Google in the first month.

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What Your Site Needs for 2021...

Mobile Focused

Thus, optimizing your site for smartphones and tablets is crucial for ranking high on search results. On top of that, how fast your site loads is also incredibly important. (Just think about how quickly you hit the back button the last time you went to a site that took forever to load…)

Fast Loading Speed

Stats show that 40% of shoppers leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Every second, really, every millisecond counts! This is why we build your site from the start with speed in mind. Faster load speeds = higher conversions.

Easy navigation

We create your site that’s super-easy to navigate plus the ability for your customers to quickly search for what they need. Combined with authentic content painted with your personality and you’ll be well-ahead of the competition in 2021.

DID YOU KNOw: Google indexes your site based on mobile Functionality.

How It Works

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Receive a Project Quote

Once we’ve both decided that we are the best fit, we will draft a Project Quote which will include a timeline of deliverables and your payment agreement.

Make a Deposit

Depending on our payment agreement, an initial deposit may be required, especially for larger projects. We’re pretty flexible, and will work with your budget and time-frame.

Project Kick-off

Its go time! We work very closely with our clients throughout the project. We will set up our calls and strategy meetings at your convenience.

Project Completion & Maintenance

Once your project is complete (and after we celebrate), we can arrange a retainer plan for on-going maintenance and additions. Oftentimes, you will find small things here and there that will need to be tweaked and adjusted when your project is fully running.